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Ceramic Coatings


Ceramic Coating is the single best way to protect your car from the harsh elements and at the same time keep it looking showroom ready.

Bellys Detailers are Certified Ceramic Installers with experience in the latest coatings and technology. With extensive training in the U.S. and Europe, you can be sure you are in safe hands.

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Gyeon Paint Correction and Coating 
Trained In Cologne Germany

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Flex Machine Polishing and Ceramic Coating Accreditation 

Trained in Amsterdam Netherlands

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Jade Certified Ceramic Installer

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 Ceramic Installer and Paint Correction

  • Extreme Protection for Painted Surfaces, Glass, Trim and wheels

  • Longer lasting than paint and sealants

  • Abrasion Resistance

  • Withstands heat up to 1800 Degrees

  • Super Hydrophobicity (repels water)

  • Deep Luxurious Shine

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