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Car Interior

Detailing Packages

Detailing Packages

Mobile Detailing Packages

Washing the Car



Coupe              $150
Sedan               $175
SUV/Truck    $200

  •  Trash Removal

  •  Interior Vacuum 

  •  Clean All Surfaces 

  • Basic leather Cleaning

  •  Clean Interior Windows 

  •  Shampoo Seats, and Carpets 

  • Clean Mats



Coupe              $150
Sedan               $200
SUV/Truck    $250

  •  Diagnose Paint System

  •  Pressure Wash & Shampoo 

  •  Clean Exterior Windows 

  • Clean  and Detail Exterior Trim and Tires

  •  Premium Hand Wax

Interior / Exterior Combo


Coupe              $250
Sedan               $275
SUV/Truck    $300

Join our Monthly Subscription  
Full exterior and interior service 


Coupe              $175
Sedan               $200
SUV/Truck    $225

Additional Services

Additional Services

Paint Correction

        Reduce scratches and marks on your car with an all-vital Paint correction. This process uses special compounds that are used to gently buff away the imperfections of your vehicle, leaving a beautiful finish and shine.

Levels Paint to Smooth Surface

Reduces Imperfections

Creates a Mirror Like Finish

Enhances Vehicles Value

Maintains Deep Gloss Shine



Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is the single best way to protect your car from the harsh elements and at the same time keep it looking showroom ready.



Extreme Protection for Painted Surfaces, Glass, Trim and wheels

Longer lasting than paint and sealants

Abrasion Resistance

Withstands heat up to 1800 Degrees

Super Hydrophobicity (repels water)

Deep Luxurious Shine

              Basic : One Layer of Ceramic Coating

                      1 years of Protection - Very Hydrophobic




              Standard : One Layer of Ceramic Coating

                      5 years of Protection - Very Hydrophobic

                  Premier : Two Layers of Ceramic Coating

                      6 years of Protection - Super Hydrophobic




                                             Elite : Three Layers of Ceramic Coating

                      7 years of Protection - Hyper Hydrophobic


                 Wheel and Trim : Coating on wheels and trim will                              protect and keep a deep shine while repelling brake                      dust, dirt and water making it easier to clean.

Paint Correction

Sealant Protection Upgrade

A sealant lasts 9-12 months vs waxing which lasts 3 -6. The result is a longer lasting more luxurious finish that will increase the look and protection of your car.


Glaze Upgrade

Glaze fills up the small imperfections and scratches we are unable to fix. It leaves your car looking shiny and vivid like they aren't there at all.


Chrome and Metal Polishing

Nothing looks worse than a beautifully clean car with oxidized chrome and metal. We use special metal polishes to give your chrome back its shine.


 Wheel Care

Make sure your tires stand out as much as your vehicle. We clean, protect and polish the tire, wheel and wheel well to make sure you tires are a show stopper.


Engine Service

Often times detailers concentrate on what you can see and not what's underneath, Having a clean well-maintained engine is vital for your overall car care.


Premier Wheel Care

In this service we remove each wheel and concentrate on an overall cleaning of the tire and tire well. It removes pollutants that cannot be reached with traditional cleaning.

Level 1 Service
Level 2 Service

Leather Conditioning

Cleaning leather is important but if you want it to feel and look as good as when you bought your car, you need to deep conditioner it.


Headlight Restoration

Not only do oxidized headlights look terrible they create a driving hazard if it blocks light. We carefully clean and remove all oxidation so they look good as new.

Level 3 Service

Odor Removal

Say goodbye to tough odors like mold and cigarette smoke. Maybe all you need is a good steam and shampoo but for those hard to remove odors, our Ozone machines works wonders, eliminating unpleasant smells and leaving your car smelling fresh and clean. 

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 8.58.02 AM.png

Stain Removal

Some stain are just too tough to get with a regular detailing. They need extra attention with special products and equipment.


Undercarriage Cleaning

No one is going to see a clean undercarriage but you, so why do it? Cleaning it protects a section of your car rarely thought about but remains extremely important.


Prices can change based off condition of vehicle and/or factors like size and or complexity.  There is no "one price" on all cars at all times. Please understand, we cannot give an official price over the phone, all we can provide are estimates based off the information given.


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